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OK. So while we're sittin' around, waitin' for that World War III to get good and crazy, the celeb world is gettin' its last few quasi-important punches in.

Doesn't anyone stay together anymore? Prince is getting divorced. AGAIN?! No question this man falls deeply in love. I wonder what happened this time. SHE filed. Sigh. 

(By the by, first wife Mayte gave some pretty impressive performances on TV this past season; hope you didn't miss them!)

A friend of mine enjoyed making Sims neighborhoods of the Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC band members, with them all falling in love with one another (okay, except Kevin and Brian, because they're cousins, and that's gross!!). Despite the jokes (the Backdoor Boys is kinda funny), we were fairly certain they were all actually straight. But now Lance Bass has come out, saying he's gay and in a relationship. And it now occurs to me that Lance was kind of a cipher in that area. OK, ironically, he's the only one of the ten to have been a romantic heterosexual lead in a movie, but if one of the complaints for the film is that Lance seemed to have no chemistry with the lead actress, maybe it wasn't just inexperience showing--! My only real complaint with Lance was that after years with the band, he was no better at the dance steps and choreography than he was the first times he ever did them. Oh, Lance!

My current userpic can only be explained at this website. Straight Outta Lynwood! Re-cog-nize! Re-cog-nize!!!

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