Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Because I really don't know how to read maps or charts. It's true.

(short version, 'cause I'm gonna try to catch elspethnoir up the street!)

An usher, a jolly-faced guy, came up to me. "Do you know where you're going?"

"No," I said, completely confused as to where my seat was. I remembered getting a single seat at the end of a weird three-seat row that I thought was in the middle of the Ravinia Pavilion. But I didn't see any row that looked like that.

The usher looked at my ticket stub. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "You're in the second row!"

"I--am?" I meekly responded to him.

"I AM!?!?!?!" I SCREAMED in my head!!!

"Yes, just up there by the stage. You can just walk right around to it." He smiled and sent me on my way.

OH! MY! GOD! I give myself the SWEETest birthday presents!!!

And I kicked myself on the ride there for not making time to buy binoculars--!??! Well, I guess if I had wanted to look up Lyle's nostrils--!

I was on the right (stage left) side of the stage. And it was the second row only by virtue of the center section having a row ahead. But it was really the first row on that side! And the two ladies who sat beside me were truly rocking Lyle fans!!

And I got to see Lyle in perfect profile all night--and was right in front of Jason Estridge, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowens, and the incomparable Francine Reed--and the way people responded to her, you'd think they were there to see Francine and just waiting between Lyle Lovett songs--! So amazing!!! You should have seen the way that en masse all these people came up to the stage for the show's expected first encore, Francine's HUGE song, Wild Women (Don't Get the Blues) (hear it here when she performed it on Prairie Home Companion in 2003--although trust me, this is a waaaayyyy calmer version!), WOW! Francine runs it, don't let anyone ever tell you she doesn't--!

And I have to mention John Hagen, who played cello. What he did was nothing short of redefining the instrument, right there during the concert. I have never heard it played like that and I don't expect to hear it played in that way again. It was funk, it was rock, it was experimental jazz--all at once! I can't think of any other instrument that automatically brings up images and sounds of staid classical music. But I'm here to tell you, it's not the instrument, it's how you play it--! Double WOW!

So much fun :>!
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