Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Xander: And the fun just keeps on leaving!

From Buffy's Blood Ties episode.

OK, I got the battery for my mother's laptop -- but it turns out that's not the problem! It wasn't so much the laptop snap-in battery that's the problem as much as the Real Time Clock battery not working that's the problem. And get this: this battery is on the MOTHERBOARD!

So what is this, all the computers in the house (excepting my mother's desktop, upon which I am typing now--but for HOW MUCH LONGER??!) have banded together to make it impossible for me to finish my Frankenstein paper?? What is this motherboard thing? Believe me, I'm thinking of a certain MOTHER- word with this whole nutty situation.

I may take my mother up on her offer to get a new Dell desktop. Obviously my Miss Independent choices of low-cost used auction wins have advanced me little. I'm trying not to let the timing of this get me down. It doesn't help that I've written to my instructor a couple of times this semester and have yet to have gotten any kind of response. It may be that I'll need to take this class over--which isn't a bad thing to me, since this class has very obviously not gone the way I'd hoped. I just hope they'll let me; this program takes only 20 students per year, and I can't imagine that flunking the program's first class bodes well...

Meanwhile, I'm entering the PC Gamer magazine contest, a custom-made set put together by the hands of "TheVede" himself -- whom, it was revealed in the latest January 2006 issue, making me yelp and drop the mag to the floor, is now EDITOR-IN-CHIEF--?! Yagh!
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