Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

Once More, with Feeling (also posted on Vox & at

So in September of last year, I wrote to Brian Andreotti of the Music Box Theatre and told him about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-A-Long that the IFC Center in New York was doing--an audience sing-a-long to a screening of the musical Buffy episode, "Once More, with Feeling"--and asked him, "Any chance of this taking place at the Music Box??" Brian wrote me back the next day, saying, "I love the idea. I'll check it out." And so this week the Music Box Theatre will be having that Buffy Sing-A-Long as one of its Friday and Saturday midnight movies!

Aaron really enjoyed that episode, so it's kind of fitting that this "Once More, with Feeling" Sing-A-Long will be premiering on Friday night. Friday would have been Aaron's 37th birthday!

So I'll be there at the Music Box Theatre at midnight (and maybe Saturday night, too; I haven't decided). It's definitely something to sing about :>!

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