Valsadie (valsadie) wrote,

The Dreamgirls Thing

People who are not in the credits for the "Dreamgirls" movie
Because they did not help make the "Dreamgirls" movie
But without whom there would be no "Dreamgirls" movie
Because the "Dreamgirls" movie is really all about them

1. Berry Gordy--Berry Gordy had a dream. Scratch Berry's dream, scratch everything.

2. Diana Ross--Diana Ross aspired to, worked toward, and lived and breathed Berry's dream, and became Berry's dream... for a while.

3. Jennifer Holliday -- Find out more at

4. Michael Peters--Yes, the original Broadway production of  "Dreamgirls" was directed by the late Michael Bennett. BUT the choreography was credited to and
the resultant Tony Award was granted to Bennett AND the late Michael Peters. WHY isn't Peters given his due?? WHY has Peters been robbed of this recognition??

5.  Motown Records--Yes, the book for the original Broadway "Dreamgirls" production is flawed. And its flaws were laid bare in the process of adapting the play for film. But I really doubt that the answer was to take its already thinly-veiled "Supremes" references and completely obliterate the veil, abandoning all pretense to it being a fictional story, to the point where there's even a little Jackson Five group clone, with its littlest kid boy lead singer wanting more attention from the Diana Ross clone--which is NOT in the play, by the way. Berry Gordy may not have been able to go after the "Dreamgirls" stage production, but the film is practically a how-to on how to steal someone's life and not have to pay for taking it. The longer the movie went on, the more the film gave Gordy's lawyers to work with. This is not to say that Gordy is suing or looking to sue. I don't know if Gordy's released any kind of statement on the "Dreamgirls" film at all. But if he decided to? I wouldn't blame him! (What, no Suzanne DePasse clone? Or Billy Dee?? How remiss!)

6. The Supremes

7. Florence Ballard

8. Mary Wilson

9. Cindy Birdsong

10. J. Randy Taraborrelli

11. Remaining cast and crew of the "Dreamgirls" Broadway production, including Sheryl Lee Ralph (but not Loretta Devine, I guess, because she got a cameo in the movie!)

12. Cast and crew of "Sparkle"


And in the "well, I guess that's how they were able to get such big stars all together for the lead roles, because they saved money on the casting end by hiring these folks"--



and The Big Ragoo himself, Carmine Ragusa!

(And Bobby Slayton?? Don't you automatically go to hell for casting him in a movie ;>?)
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